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Running around the Stairs 

So our current show, Stairs has been bopping around Cornwall and Devon over the last six months and we have loved sharing it with all of you.  Thank you to all the wonderful venues, whether indoor or outdoor, village hall to church, who have hosted us and explored the stories of the stairs with us.  Audiences of all ages have discovered the stories of the stairs,  We are currently in discussions for our National Tour next year, if you'd like to know more about the stairs get in touch!

“Full of surprises and childhood memories: a charming and funny piece of work which will appeal to the child in everyone.” Cultivator Project Director Jane Sutherland


Do you like running, jumping, cavorting up stairs? Well here's you chance.  Cheap Date are looking for two professional dancers to come and join the cheap date family as part of our new project Stairs! 

Download the attached pdf for more details -    STAIRS CALL OUT DOWNLOAD


Friday Feb 1st 2019 saw the premier of the new Cheap Date language extravaganza - DIRTY WORDS.  It was quite a night a great audience at AMATA, who we'd like to thank for all the support.  The audience was full of giggles, and gasps at the stories we told, the words we said and the dirtiness of it all.  thank you to all to came, check out the TOUR DATES page to find out when you can catch the next performance and how to get tickets.    

British Sign Language and dance workshops

We very excited to get the ball rolling with the wonderful series of workshops we've got coming up in Cornwall Primary schools for British sign Language and Dance Workshops.  Its a unique offer kindly supported by Feast.  we're stopping off at Mt.Hawke, Pencoys, Roskear, Roche, Chacewater and Marizion.  

A unique offer co-taught my Sign Language tutor Jackie Bryant. 

For more info please get in touch with us via the contact page.  

When two becomes one 

2018 has already seen big changes for Cheap Date, the remarkable Lauren Shuker has taken a step back from being co -artistic director to focus her efforts of dominating the world of cross-fit. We wish her all the best and will be rooting for you in true Cheap Date style.  Grace is now at the helm and is full steam ahead with lots of exciting projects from a new show (check out the SHOWS and TOUR DATES pages for more info) and some exciting workshop opportunities for dance and Sign language.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the many adventures in store!

Little Women Big Balls rolling around the world 

October saw Cheap Date fly international to the wonderful Sweden to perform and share our stories of trial and error, soaring successes and downright wonderful failures.  The work I am proud to say was received wonderfully, with both English and none English speaking audiences, deepening my belief in the power of physical communication and comedy.  Well done Debbie and Lauren.      

"...the bizarre beautiful minds behind really engaged me.  I think I'm going

 to have sore muscles, sore smiling muscles..." - Audience Member

Amazing young Improvisors 

End of the academic year brings about a summer break for all our incredible young dancers.  Cheap Date are very proud to work with so many young dancers, who show such wonderful passion, creativity and play with their movement.  From our improvisation classes, to the technique we teach for Katherine Richards School of Dance or the wonderful Propellor scheme ran by DR2.  We thank all of you for your energy and courage over the last few months and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

For more information of classes please use the following links:

End of An ERA

With a heavy heart Cheap Date accept some big changes and look forward to what the future holds.  After a crazy post uni fierce fest Cheap Date set off on a big adventure as three opinionated ladies who love dance, theatre and a cheeky innuendo.  However it is time for a change and one of our own, the wonderful Miss. Deborah Mason is off to new adventures firstly to costa rica and then to the big smoke.  She will continue to tour and dance for the company in Little Women, Big Balls and be at the end of the phone for much needed words of wisdom but she is flying the nest for some new adventures.  We send her big love and lots of luck for the marathons ahead.  

Spring Tour - Balls be Flying 

In February Cheap Date had their first international shenanigan and flew over to Sweden to present a segment of Little Women, Big balls at the Rural Toruing Conference in Vasteras. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and we were over joyed by the wonderful response we received, thank you again and see you in the Autumn! 

After Sweden the show toured a selection of venues in our wonderful home county of Cornwall.  We thank all the wonderful hosts and families that welcomed us into their homes, village halls, schools and communities.  

Kitting up 

The winter ran away with us with coffee, inflatables and rehearsals.  We laughed, wept and threw a few balls, some on purpose many in frustration.  The premiere loomed at large with Grace struggling to sit in the audience, Debbie struggling to catch a ball as always and Lauren wrestling with her sports bra.  We thank all of our wonderful collaborators and colleagues who supported and worked with us through the process of making this show and we can't wait to tour, sharing our stories of attempt, failure and ball loving around the country.  


Summer 2016 - Fringe, Funnies and Fannies

This summer has been a whirlwind for Cheap Date.  First we trotted off to London for an Edinburgh Fringe preview at the Hackney Showrooms where it was lovely to see some old friends. From there we zipped off to Liverpool, Lauren's old stomping ground, to be part of the Liverpool Lantern Theatre's #shinynew festival, whizzing back to Cornwall before our Edinburgh Fringe adventure began.  Debbie took a wonderful group of dancers off to Leopallooza Festival in the meantime for a return to the Temple of Boom.  


The Fringe was fab and we want to say a big thank you to Paradise in Augustines for having us. We saw some amazing, some unique and some downright confusing work and we loved every second of it.  Audience numbers were phenomenal so a big thank you to everyone who came and checked out How We Lost It. Fringe, I'm sure we will see you again soon.  

National Rural Touring Conference

It was such a pleasure to perform a segment of Little Women, Big Balls this year at the NRTF - New Directions.  There were so many wonderful companies presenting brilliant work over the three days.  We can't wait to hopefully see many of you again on the road.  Check out Rachel Mason's blog to read more about the conference:


We are very excited and greatful to all the wonderful people out there who donated to our crowdfunder campaign.  We made the total and this means your wonderful support will see Cheap Date on the road across the country.  To all our anonymous lovers out there, we might not know who you are but it will always be an affair to remember and to all the people who went that extra mile, your rewards are on their way.


Big Love, 

Cheap Date xxx


How We Lost it has popped up over the last year or so in sctrach nights, events and performances across the UK and Cornwall.  But 2016 sees it really get on a roll.  With dates set in Liverpool, London, Edinburgh, The Midlands and of course Cornwall.  


If you havent see it yet, or you have and you just want more, we would love to see you.  Check out our TOUR DATES page for info and links to buy your tickets.  


For more information on How We Lost it or to book the show please don't hesitate to get in contact via our contacts page.  



April saw Cheap Date on their escapades again this time at the Exeter Northcott, in Devon. To perform as part of the Watch This Space platform hosted by Dance in Devon. 


Thank you for having us! It was a pleasure to dance along side lots of wonderful artists at such a fab venue.  Also big thank you to the audience for great feedback as we contie to create the show #littlewomenbigballs.  




Cheap Date can now reveal their new poster image for How We Lost It after a shoot with Jack Matthews, who took our weirdness in his stride as usual to get a fantastic shot for our promotional materials for Edinburgh and beyond.




Have a look at our SHOWS page to the final poster image and if your fancy a real nosy behind the scenes have a look at how the shoot went via our WATCH: PHOTO Page.

The Temple Returns  

Cheap Date, plus honorary dater Lauren Syrett, made a brief return to the Temple of Boom, alongside Apocalypse Now Ltd and Hong Kong Ping Pong, this time at The Stannary. Dance offs, limbo, mischief and some incredible moves were pulled in preparation for Leopallooza 2016, where the Temple will be bigger, louder and stranger than ever. See you there… 




Cheap Date have booked an 8 show run at Edinburgh Fringe! From the 6th to the 13th August see How We Lost It at Paradise in Augustines at 7:55pm every night. Tickets go live soon, check back here to grab one. We cannot wait to take our special pants all the way to Scotland, and be part of this incredible festival. We are working hard to raise the money to take us up there, but we will be asking for your help through Crowdfunder for the final push. So if you like our work and want to support this Cornish company in getting their work seen on an international platform, do consider chucking us your spare change. 


Tickets avaliable soon...

Little Women, Big Balls gets rolling 

December 2015 saw Cheap Date back in the rehearsal room for a brand new show, thanks to Hall for Cornwall and FEAST phase one development funding. Little Women, Big Balls is a rural touring show, telling a story of success and failure, winners and losers, and lots and lots of balls. This time Grace takes the choreographic lead, putting Debbie and Lauren through their paces as they attempt to multitask with multi-skills.  The company got to test their burgeoning ball skills at Insights Scratch Night, Grampound Community Hall in January 2016, and at a school’s matinee performance at Falmouth University’s AMATA in February. The first and second year dance students at Falmouth Uni took on the sporting challenge in January, as Cheap Date taught intensive repertory workshops from the show.

Cheap Date Pop UP in Penzance 

Cheap Date get the chance to show Penzance their special pants on two occasions as part of the Carn to Cove partnership with Falmouth University’s AMATA.  In November 2015 the company transformed the PZ Gallery into an intimate performance space and bared all to a great response from the people of Penzance – thanks to Tim Smithies of Metronome for booking the show, and Charlie for letting us take over his gallery! Next up the show will hit Penwith College, commissioned by Arts Award student Skylar from Mounts Bay Academy.


For tickets go to our tour dates page, hope to see you there! 

AMATA YOUNG Persons Saturday Dance Sessions

All the budding dancers, creators, movers and improvisers from Cheap Date’s community classes are going from strength to strength! We are so proud of the incredible work they are doing, and their performances at AMATA which have seen them live-improvise to live music, share their personal choreography and cover the walls of the lobby with their own drawings. This term sees them take on sound and music response with Falmouth University student Josh.


Keep up the good work everyone!


For information about our saturday morning improvisation classes please get in touch or visit the AMATA Website.  

Journeys Arts Festival  

July saw Cheap Date perform at the wonderful Journeys Arts Festival hosted at Sturts Theatre in Liskeard, in collaboration with Moor and Coastal Partnership Trust.  This festival was a coming together of a selection of brilliant students across multiple local schools to perform work they had created over the previous couple of months.  


Cheap Date had been working with Camelford Primary School and St James Smith Secondary School to create two short dance works that were shown at the festival.  


The students were all fantastic and bought so much committment to the project it was an honour to work with them.  



April 2015 Cheap Date embarked on a unique one-off adventure with Catalonian performer Marcelli Antúnez Roca for a technology, animation and dance infused exploration.  In collaboration with Marcelli's wonderful team, Ciaran Clarke, Joint Effort Studios , AMATA and Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Cheap Date fought a war, became cellanouts, had a dance on the moon plus much more.  


A unique opportunity for us to explore trigger technology through dance and distributed performance, with simultaneous interactive performances in both Barcelona and Falmouth.  Thank you to all involved, it was definitely unforgettable.  


For more information check out:



March 20th 2015 sees Cheap Date go dutch by splitting the bill with two original works hosted by Falmouth University's AMATA.  The evening will be the premier of both James Wilton's choreography 'There's No Such Thing As Two' and Cheap Date's full length work 'How We Lost It'.   


It means a lot to us to be presenting this show for the first time in its entirety on home ground.  Thank you to all who have been supporting us, we can't wait to tell you all exactly how we lost it.   


Cheap Date Touring Platforms


In February Cheap Date took to the road for two platforms:  Pilot Graduate Platform at Bath Spa University and ARRIVE at the River Front, Newport, South Wales.

Thank you to both of these platforms for having us, it was a pleasure to show work alongside some wonderful up and coming artists.  

Check out the following review to read more about the work presented at ARRIVE.


Upcoming platforms include Theatre Bristol's Testing Ground on the 7th May at Circo Media, and the AMATA showcase at the Brighton Fringe on May 27th. 


More info here:



Christmas Day saw the premier of Channel 4's documentary Frozen at Christmas, featuring Theatre and Music students from Falmouth Univerity.  Cheap Date had a brilliant time working with Rondo Media and the students on the flash mob which closed the show.  


If you missed it not to fear you can still check it out on the Channel 4OD website.  


Cheap Date want to say thank you and well done to everyone who worked on the project in such a short space of time, there's no denying we were all caught up in the Frozen spirit!  

Cheap Date's 1st Birthday Party 


Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated out 1st birthday with us. A big thank you also goes to all the wonderful performers: Ehli Burwood and band, Sleep Cycles, The Hard Done Boys and the dancers from our very own Grace Clayton's new work 'Rules' (full performance January 24th, The Docks Falmouth).  


We hope everyone who attended had a great time! Thanks also to the the wonderful new arts venue in Falmouth, A Curious Hall, who provided us with a fanstastic location for our first birthday.    


Please check out the photos from event on our Photo page and keep your eye out for the video of the event on our youtube channel soon.  

The Sketch house at Inland Arts Festival


This September Redruth held the first ever Inland Arts Festival, curated by Field Notes. The Sketch House invited Cheap Date to perform at their event as part of this multi-arts festival,  housed in the fantastic Old Boots Space.  Cheap Date reprised and revamped our confessional dance theatre piece, 'How We Lost It'.  


We could not be more proud to have been part of such a fantastic event, alongisde some beautiful music, poetry, theatre and visual arts.    

September 2014. 


Don't miss the next Sketch House! 


Our date with JAmes Wilton  


Cheap Date could not be more excited to annouce their lastest collaboration, with acclaimed choreographer James Wilton.  August 2014 bought about a budding new relationship between James, Sarah and the Cheap Daters.  



Together, we developed an original work based on the notion of our relationship with technology.  More information on the piece will be updated soon and the work will premiered in Spring 2015.  





Summer 2014 saw Cheap Date, plus a few new faces from Falmouth University, transform into The Boom Dancers, for Hong Kong Ping Pong's Temple of Boom. Inivited by local events company Apocalypse Now Ltd. Cheap Date spent three days roaming around #LEO9 performing, making friends and generally causing mischief.   


Thanks for having us LEO, hoepfully see you in the Temple again soon...  



We are very honoured to annouce we are one the this year's recipients of Falmouth University's Graduate Pre-Incubation Award.  It's an honour to be amongst such a talented group of up and coming artists and professionals.


We are also very lucky to have gained additional support from Unlocking Potential, and would like to thank them for taking a chance on us. 


The Cheap Dating continues!  

CHEAP DATE At Rebel Brewery


In collaboration with Archer and Green Media, musician Will Riley, and with the kind support of Falmouth University, Cheap Date have been exploring site based screen work at Rebel Brewery's Brew House, Penryn, Cornwall.


On May 29th we held the premier of the short film and also gave a impromtu live performance, making the most of the brilliant site.  We showed capsule performances from various pieces including  'How We Lost It', an experiment in contact work from Debbie and Lauren, and some new movement Grace has been working on for her choreographic project with Falmouth University students, 'The Rules'. 


Thanks to all who made it out for the premier and all our wonderful collaborators.   




How did you lose it? 


Cheap Date will be presenting a short dance theatre work, 'How we lost it...' at the W.I Hall, Falmouth.  Decmber 6th, doors open at 8pm.  


Come along to see us struggle to multi task.




The GTI officially started last week, with dates in Liverpool at Cronton College, and The Space and Tachi Morris in Taunton.  We've taught some great groups, couldn't have asked for a better response.  Thank you to all the students who have taken part so far, and the teachers who welcomed us into their colleges, we hope to work with you again in the future.  

Photos and Videos to come soon! 




The GTI officially start touring at the end of the month, starting off with Liverpool and Somerset.  Visiting Riverside, Cronton (24.11.13), The Space and Tacchi Morris (28.11.13) 


They will also be showing their work at Falmouth University's Open Day on the 23rd of November.  


Still in rehersals at the moment, but not long to go. 

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