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Dirty Words

Duologue  with performers  Grace Murdoch and Josh Penrose. A crash landing of self-expression, communication, action and reaction through comedy,  movement, theatre, and digital media.

This visual monologue questions the physical, verbal, facial, tonal, nuanced way we talk to the world. An exploration and debate of music and movement that rebounds, vibrates, clashes, reacts and challenges each other in the same space, just as our words do.

Exploring the filth, fun and aftertaste of our everyday interactions. The work is a humorous, intellectual, visceral experience that leaves you contemplating your own individual modes and forms of communication. The work, through the use of subtitles and sign language, explores accessiblty to a deaf and hard of hearing audience.  


Choreographer/Director - Grace Murdoch, Josh Penrose, originally developed with Kyla Goodey and Seamas Carey 

Performed by Grace Clayton and Josh Penrose 

For more information about touring and workshops contact Cheap Date, or check out or tour dates page.    

Dance and British Sign language workshop available. 

Supported by Arts Council England, Hall for Cornwall, Feast and Falmouth University.  



Our living, breathing staircase.  The stories trodden into our stairs tell tales of mischief, uncertainty and adventure.  Our stairs don’t like to sit still for too long, they often have a mind of their own. Inspired by original and iconic literature on the theme of stairs, featuring writing from award winning poets such as Luke Wright and The Cornish Writer – Taran Spalding Jenkin.  Iconic literature such as A.A.Milne’s ‘Halfway Down’ is also used to inspire the work.  Cornish combined arts company Cheap Date explore how the staircases we tread lead to everywhere and nowhere all at once, in this unique performance which is one for all the family.  Visceral dance, spoken word, comedy and spectacle all come together to explore this intrinsic part of our everyday lives.       

Dance, sound, visual art, poetry, clowning, humour and physical storytelling all combine to bring a unique, unforgettable experience to your venue. 

Our stairs, your space.  


Choreographer/Director - Grace Murdoch and Company

Performed by Debbie Mason and Emma Holt

Stairs design and build - Murdoch Design 

For more information about touring and workshops contact Cheap Date, or check out our tour dates page.

Dance workshops available as well as dance, visual arts and english literature resources.  

Supported by Arts Council England, Feast and Falmouth University.  

Little Women, Big Balls

Are you ready to rumble?

In this ultimate fighting tournament between dancer and ball, who will triumph? Will it be one ball too many, can they overcome lifes' obstacles without throwing in the towel?


Figuratively and literally we all have a lot of balls to balance.  Cheap Date attempt to bounce, balance, beat and bash as many balls as they can manage in this heart warming, empowering look at lifes' ups and downs.  From waking up a winner, to losing it all by lunchtime. Debbie and Lauren fumble their way through stories of match day glory to red card rejection. The two dancers’ opposing sporting backgrounds provide an ideal playground for dance, comedy and theatre to come together in a match thats only won by stepping up to the plate.  



Choreographed by Grace Clayton and dancers

Performed by Debbie Mason and Lauren Shuker


For more information about touring and workshops contact Cheap Date, or check out or tour dates page.     


Supported by Feast, Cornwall Sports Partnership, Falmouth University and Cultivator.                                


How We Lost It

'How We Lost It’ is a piece about who we are now, where we’ve come from and asks what we’ve lost (and gained) in between. Cheap Date have lost a lot of things: sleep, fear of judgement, social boundaries, a few partners, our youthful good looks, regular menstrual cycles, interest in missionary and a grasp on current affairs. We've got quite good at losing things, and now we know not everything will turn up down the back of the sofa.  


A coming of age story where we come to terms with the fact that our prince charming might look a little different to the fairy-tale, but hey, we don’t need saving anyway.  We weave together our own stories about youth, love, sex and growing up, inviting the audience into our narrative and seducing them to revisit theirs.  This lip smacking, seam splitting combination of comedy dance theatre is not to be missed!



For more information about touring and workshops contact Cheap Date, or check out or tour dates page.                                      

Supported by Arts Council England, Falmouth University and The Graduate Pre-Incubation Award. 


The Graduate Touring Initative.

A collaboration with Falmouth University and Cheap Date. ​


When you talked so long you stopped making sense, when you knew you had the best moves on the dance floor, when you didn’t worry about doing it wrong.  


We dance the same steps, but as ourselves.  Not trying to be become perfect replicas of one another, we dance together empowered by our differences. 


For 'THE UPSHOT' the company started with the acceptance of the individual and their combined creative potential.  They devise through task-based improvisation, derived from each performer’s everyday self.  Inspiration is taken from movement improvisation, written accounts and music. The resulting work is an accumulation of this exploration and a reflection of the dancers' physical facilities and creative desires.  

Supported by Falmouth University and Unlocking Potential






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