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Cheap Date are a combined arts company working with dance, speech, theatre, sound, comedy and mixed media. Based in Cornwall, they rummage through the intricate simplicity of just being here. Founded in 2013 Cheap Date have created multiple works with UK and international acclaim.  Touring across the UK and Sweden to great success.  The company through hilarious, honest explorations of everyday life give an audience chance to have a unique experience with space for their own questions and stories.  


From losing your virginity and the brutal awkwardness of dating (How We Lost It) to the undeniable contradiction of endless possibility and everyday reality (Little Women, Big Balls) and most recently the power of language and communication mixed with a filthy fumble through looking at our dirtiest words (Dirty Words). Cheap Date use dance, speech, comedy and sound amongst music, film and visual art to tell personal stories while giving an audience room for their own.  

Offering unique performance experiences, touring work and educational workshops, please check out the other areas of our website for more details and feel free to get in touch via social media or our contact page. 

"Another life affirming performance - amazing.  Blown away again by the talent of Cheap Date Dance…. effortlessly brilliant!" - Audience Member (Little Women Big Balls)

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