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Jackie and Manda discuss Accessible Theatre

Jackie and Manda discuss accessibility and the challenge of integrating audiences.  Jackie consulted and is featured with Manda in Cheap Date's show Dirty Words.  

Cheap Date  - Dirty Words Promo

Teaser trailer for Cheap Date's production of Dirty Words.  What's your favourite? #dirtywords

Cheap Date  - STAIRS

A little window into our new show, check out some of the wonderful friends of Cheap Date, dancing around Cornwall, showing you some of the amazing ways you can move around Stairs.   #stairs

Film work and edit -  Brett Harvey 

STAIRS Production Trailer

Grab a sneak peak of our fabulous show Stairs.

Featuring dancers Debbie Mason and Laura Malam and the amazing stairs by Murdoch Design,  film and edit - Brett Harvey 

Cheap Date Rear View 2016/17 

Behind the scenes with Cheap Date, check out our many adventures over 2016/17.  

Little Women, Big Balls  - Sports Research

Check out Debbie and Lauren as they explore their sporting prowess, from tennis to rugby, Cheap Date are never afraid to give it a go.    

Cheap Date Rear View 2014/15

Behind the scenes with Cheap Date, check out our many escapades over the year 2014/15.  

Cheap Date's 1st Birthday Party

Thank you to all who came to our 1st Birthday party performance, looking forward to all the next year will bring.  

Frozen at Christmas 

Cheap Date got caught up with the frozen frenzy in December with some incredibly talented AMATA students from Falmouth University, produced by Rondo Media and Channel 4.    


We had a great year guys, thanks to everyone involved! Here's a little taste of what we got up to.  

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